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I finish the game and damn I LOVE IT. 

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things i have to say

  • that intro was *chefs kiss*
  • rip that lansam ayyy (minnie would hate me lol)
  • tbh my favorites in here are the twins :P
  • poor sirius tbh :(
  • victoria's interrogation was really interesting :o
  • "jail it is then"
  • wow the final boss rly went all out on the insults
  • and the difficulty how did i go through that
  • also this is actually the first bullet hell game i played !! :DD
  • i should also mention the fact that when i quit the interrogations i cant move .__.
  • i had to go through the whole game again becuase of that but hey at least i have an excuse to play it to see the plot and stuff yayayay :pppp

Great game, liked their designs, voice acting fits them and was amazing, gameplay was difficult and enraging, but not "i want to break everything" enraging, more like "*sharp inhale*" kind of enraging (im using enraging too much lololol). And great mystery too! Amazing job! ^^


Good, very Touhou-like gameplay!


Super cute and fun!! Appreciate that you added an "infinite lives/health" accessibility option as well ^_^


I was surprised when i saw i could play on my phone, at least in the browser version, the game really made my day. :)

glad you enjoyed :)

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Heya! Just wanted to let you guys know that I really liked this game, it has a very interesting twist of genres I've never seen before. I'm completely horrible at the actual danmaku sections, but I can appreciate the creativity put into the mechanics. The gameplay, art, and story are well done.

If you don't mind, I also recorded my playthrough here:

The only pieces of feedback I have is:

  • The text and menus occasionally glitch out as mentioned in the FAQ, even in the desktop version with my gaming PC, so definitely look into different engines for potential future projects.
  • More mechanics involving the use of the evidence we collect would be cool (e.g. using truth bullets on statements in Danganronpa). It might be hard implement it during bullet hell, but as a suggestion, you could limit how many times it'll happen and make the danmaku a little easier when the mechanic is necessary.
  • A slightly more conclusive epilogue would be nice, I feel it ends a little bit too abruptly at the end. Even just a little victory screen would be sufficient (e.g. like how there's confetti at the end of a Phoenix Wright case).

Anyways, I might be biased because I love Phoenix Wright/Danganronpa, but I still highly rate this project because of how unique the premise is. I wish you all the best of luck for any future plans!


Thanks so much for playing our game :)


Love the game so much so far -- really nice art and story! There is no way I am going to beat that battle though, and I forgot to save before, so maybe I'll try again another day lol

thanks so much for playing our game, you got this!! :)


My game encountered a bug :( its getting so good so far. I know this is not your fault but ya...


sorry to hear that :( yeah, the web-deploy of the game specifically is a bit buggy, hopefully you were able to save and resume your progress! thank you for playing our game regardless!!


lovely game! thanks